Your cloud SDLC is a goat rodeo. Here are 6 steps to wrangle it.

by Julie O’Brien, an interview with Senior Solutions Engineer Matt Brown

Julie O’Brien, CMO & Matt Brown, Solutions Engineer
March 6, 2023
Eyal Golombek
Director of product management
March 2, 2023
CircleCI data breach

Summary, remediation details, and how to reduce risk in your cloud development pipelines

Rotem Lebovich
Principal Product Manager
January 31, 2023
On the criticality of SDLC context for vulnerability remediation

Risk can go undetected when full context of the SDLC is missing

Eyal Golombek
Director of product management
January 10, 2023
Pipeline sprawl in DevOps: It’s a thing

How to find, secure, and monitor shadow CI/CD pipelines in cloud

Tomer Schwartz
Co-founder & CTO
January 2, 2023
Julie O’Brien
December 29, 2022
OpenSSL critical vulnerability - what is affected?

Everything we know about the vulnerability so far and some insights to help you prioritize your remediation efforts.

Alon Kollmann
Director of Product Strategy
October 31, 2022
Sometimes you need to reinvent the wheel

Six reasons why we build our own UI components library from scratch

Dvir Hazout
Front End Tech Lead
September 4, 2022
No more sassy SaaS integrations

Modern applications are giant meshes of services and interconnected APIs. However, there isn’t a standardized, systematic way to integrate them.

Amit Ripshtos
Tech Lead
August 24, 2022
Cloud security is broken but it doesn’t have to be

Why ignoring your CI/CD pipeline is unsustainable, and how to fix it.

Tomer Schwartz
Co-founder & CTO
June 2, 2022
We’re upsetting the apple cart in cloud security

My colleagues and I are thrilled to share that we launched Dazz today. We set out at the beginning of 2021 with a twinkle in our eye...

Merav Bahat
Co-Founder & CEO
December 14, 2021

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