Secure Your Development Pipelines With Dazz + GitHub

Noah Simon


Head of Product Marketing


Securing software development pipelines is no easy feat at the rate that software engineers work today. Identifying security issues early on in the SDLC helps security keep pace; however, many security issues and vulnerabilities can slip through.

Dazz ties together cloud and development environments such as GitHub with security tooling to identify security misconfigurations, vulnerabilities, and hygiene issues regardless of where they arise—whether in code, applications or in cloud infrastructure.

How Dazz & GitHub Work Together

Dazz integrates with both Cloud and On-prem versions of GitHub to bring greater context to code repositories and security issues found with native GitHub services such as GitHub Actions, Dependabot, and GitHub Advanced Security capabilities.

On top of native GitHub services, Dazz can find a variety of security risks in your GitHub environment, including:

  • Public exposures: live secrets, public-facing code repositories, and more
  • Code repository hygiene: repositories without branch protection or commit signing
  • User hygiene: GitHub users lacking two-factor authentication or committing code outside of company domains

Dazz Security Pipeline


Integrating GitHub into Dazz alongside other Application Security and Cloud Security tools lets customers better prioritize and remediate vulnerabilities that originate in source code. GitHub and Dazz customers are able to:

  1. Streamline remediation: tie security issues back to the root cause at the code level and automate ticket creation for developers
  2. Align source management to best security practices: ensure GitHub and the developers who use it are aligned to best security practices
  3. Triage findings with greater context: compare GitHub findings alongside AppSec tools for granular prioritization and triage

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