Why Dazz?

Who loves remediating vulnerabilities? No one—and we get it! Dazz makes remediation simple and fast. We bridge the gaps between security and dev teams to accelerate the process of discovering, reducing, and fixing security issues.

Security remediation is broken.

You're building in the cloud in a big way, and finding more security issues than ever. Keeping up has become nearly impossible. Fixing critical issues takes days at best, while attacks happen within minutes.

We fix it.

Dazz shrinks your alert backlog into key root causes. We connect to existing security tools and pipelines, correlate security insights from code-to-cloud production, and streamline remediation right in the developer’s workflow.

Remediation shouldn’t be painful.

Don't waste hours each day manually triaging issues, hunting down owners, and verifying fixes. We take the guesswork out of what to focus on first, and why, so you can prioritize time and resources.

Get more out of your investments.

You’ve invested in multiple cloud security scanners—are you realizing their full value? Dazz shines a light on where they're detecting issues—or not—and helps with tool consolidation. We make it easy to operationalize all the data coming at you with a single, unified view of risk.

Keep developers coding.

We get developers. Our platform was designed to make remediation actionable, concise, and easy. We get to root causes lightning fast, so you can fix critical issues lightning fast. Give your dev team more time coding and less time fixing, with Dazz.

"You might see you have, say, 1,000 vulnerabilities. A tool like Dazz unifies and contextualizes them with exposure and root cause analysis—you’ll see that thousand turn into 100 configuration changes. That’s a huge efficiency we get."

Fred Hamilton, CISO — BHG Financial

BHG Financial case study

See the benefits for yourself.

Customers love Dazz because we accelerate mean time to remediation, cut alert noise, improve collaboration between security and dev teams, and reduce risk.

Reduction of mean-time-to remediation

Reduction of total issues to root causes

Risk window reduced from weeks to days

Efficiency gained for red team staff.

More efficient security operations teams

Expected cost reduction of breaches

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