Do what you do best.

We take the pain out of fixing cloud security issues. You get time for what you do best—whether that’s managing infrastructure, developing apps, or securing the business.

security teams

Dazz is your force multiplier.

Cloud transformation is critical to the business, but safeguarding against risk is complicated. There are multiple clouds, tech stacks, and teams. Alerts have exploded, and there’s more noise than ever. Triaging and responding to issues is consuming your workday.

Enter Dazz.

Get visibility into CI/CD pipelines so you can stay on top of security issues. Our unified view of risk includes data from your scanners and gaps in how they are connected. We automate the process of discovering and prioritizing vulnerabilities, and even finding owners. Everyone works faster and smarter.

Dev Teams

More coding. Less fixing.

You’re trying to keep up with deadlines, but the security team keeps adding to your backlog. Between infrastructure, container, and app vulnerabilities, there's no end in sight to security issues, which all need to be fixed ASAP.

Let Dazz cut through
the noise.

We give you a prioritized list of critical issues with context on root causes. When possible, we auto-generate suggested fixes, ready to be tested and applied. Best of all, you get to remediate in your workflow of choice, be it Jira, GitHub, or any other ticket management system.

Cloud Engineering Teams

Build security into your code-to-cloud architecture.

Cloud transformation is critical to the business; however, safeguarding the company against risk is challenging. All your developers seem to use different tools, and you have limited visibility into what’s happening in the software development lifecycle.

With Dazz

We give you a full picture of risk across code-to-cloud pipelines, including potential gaps in your scanning tools and architecture. With Dazz, you know where you have cloud issues and can work smarter with your security and dev teams to fix them.

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