Foster a DevSecOps culture where security is not a bottleneck, but an accelerator of secure software delivery

Julie O’Brien




It’s Gartner Hype Cycle season and one of the first cycles out of the gate is the Hype Cycle for Operation Models, 2024 (which you can access here, if you are a Gartner subscriber.)

According to Gartner analysts Neil MacDonald and Mark Horvath, “DevSecOps offers a means of effectively integrating security into the development process, in a way that eliminates or reduces friction between security and development. The goal is to pragmatically achieve a secure, workable software development life cycle (SDLC) supporting rapid development.”

Over the past few years, DevSecOps has become a mainstream business practice, and one that Gartner now calls transformational. Why? Because organizations that effectively embrace DevSecOps are able to speed up development without compromising security and compliance. By defining and prioritizing policy guardrails, security teams are able to empower developers to focus on innovation rather than firefighting security issues. This proactive approach not only enhances compliance and security but also boosts overall IT efficiency and developer productivity.

Dazz (which is named for “DevSecOps A 2 Z”) helps cybersecurity teams embed security practices as early as possible in the development lifecycle and foster a culture where security is not a bottleneck but a facilitator of rapid, secure software delivery. Our customers are able to smoothly "shift left" and integrate cybersecurity hygiene early in the development process and all the way through to production—whether on-premises, a hybrid environment, or 100 percent cloud native.

We help security teams overcome friction with developers, who have become increasingly frustrated by security testing tools that slow them down, false positives and vague information, little to no context around the vulnerabilities their coding introduces, and being forced to leave their CI/CD development pipeline to perform tests or view results in some other tool.

The Dazz platform was built with both developer and security teams in mind, and is fully aligned with the user recommendations Gartner suggests, including the ability to:

  • Graph your code-to-cloud environment for comprehensive visibility into software, configuration, and infrastructure vulnerabilities
  • Create custom policies to prevent code issues and vulnerabilities from reaching production applications and critical infrastructure
  • Use automation to rapidly make sense of security control data and reduce false positives
  • Arm developers with context (Dazz bonus: plus root cause analysis and remediation guidance) to focus on the highest-confidence and most-critical vulnerabilities first
  • Support automated integration with CI/CD and DevOps tools, ticketing and notification systems, AppSec and CloudSec tools, CNAPPs, and with Dazz so much more

It’s exciting to be part of the “hype” around DevSecOps, knowing that the hype is actually real and transformational. By prioritizing security early in the development lifecycle and leveraging automated, developer-friendly tools, you can effectively mitigate risks while accelerating software delivery—a win-win for security and innovation alike.

To learn how to foster a DevSecOps culture where security is not a bottleneck, but an accelerator of secure software delivery, check out these resources or request a demo and see for yourself!

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