Introducing Dazz Custom Dashboards

Dvir Hazout


Front End Tech Lead

Rotem Lebovich


Principal Product Manager

As we’ve grown our customer base, we’ve learned that every company has different reporting needs. And within each customer, different teams often have different reporting needs, as well. For example, when we talk to AppSec teams, we hear that they’re often interested in analyzing vulnerabilities in a different way than Cloud Security teams. Security teams need to slice and dice data depending on which metrics, detection tools, and resources fall within their scope and ownership. While we always had ways to visualize data in Dazz, we heard from our users that they want to tell the story they are reflecting to management or to other business stakeholders directly from within the Dazz console. This requires a very advanced level of customization.

Introducing Dazz Custom Dashboards

The Dazz Unified Remediation Platform now offers custom dashboards that allow customers to visualize any dataset and easily slice data to see vulnerability management, risk and remediation efforts across multiple technologies and business units. The result is accurate depiction of risk and remediation, which plays nicely with the rest of the platform.

Customers can now visualize and report on data to answer questions such as:

  • What percentage of my environment is affected by critical vulnerabilities?
  • Which business units are tracking against remediation SLAs and which ones are falling behind?
  • Where in the SDLC are vulnerabilities found? How many of them impact the applications in production?
  • How are we tracking against remediation efforts for critical, newly emerged vulnerabilities like libpweb?
  • Which hosts, code repos, machine images, and IaC deployments introduce the greatest risk?

Additional benefits of Dazz Custom Dashboards include:

Trending analysis

Dazz custom dashboards support historical data, which can visualize remediation efforts over the span of a year.

Intuitive reporting

We built custom dashboards to be extremely simple to use. Users can select prebuilt dashboard widgets, click in, and easily add and filter the data. You can set up a completely new dashboard with all of the right KPIs in 3 minutes.

RBAC & data scopes built-in

Custom dashboards reflect RBAC and business unit assignments, so if users have view or edit access to dashboards, it’ll be specific to the data scopes and roles they’re assigned to.

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