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The Dazz Unified Remediation Platform maps your code-to-cloud environment and overlays it with everything you need to know about security.

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See the security posture of your development pipeline.

Connect to code repositories and cloud environments, then graph the complete code-to-cloud environment. Get visibility into approved CI/CD pipelines, plus uncover shadow deployments and security gaps before they are exploited.


Filter out noise and focus your time.

Dazz automatically correlates, deduplicates, and prioritizes alerts to reduce noise and shrink backlog. Our patented Root Cause Analysis Engine analyzes data to learn which cloud resource caused the issue, which pipeline that deployed it, and what triggered its build. Save hours in the day-to-day triage process and easily govern fixes.


Fix at the root and go fast.

We automatically find code owners and arm them with contextual remediation steps. Developers are able to rapidly fix issues at root causes—all in their native workspace. Our developer-driven workflow supports integrations with Jira, GitHub, and other ticket management systems.

Build vs Buy: Considerations for Remediation Platforms

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How it works.

There are five unique technical capabilities of the Dazz platform that make it possible for security and developer teams to remediate issues lightning fast.

Cloud pipelines graph

Security context overlay

Automatic investigation engine

Remediation knowledge base

Pipeline governance policies


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