Cut security alerts down to size.

The problem isn’t finding flaws.
It’s fixing them.

There’s no shortage of security tools, visibility, detections or security alerts. What there is a shortage of? Time.
What’s needed is a way to fix those alerts. Remediation needs to work the way security pros and engineers work: Fast. Efficient. Smart.

The problem

Remediation is broken


Too many alerts
Fixes are manual


Can't trace to code or owner Issues proliferate



Can’t see pipeline
No prevention

When we wake up in the morning, we log into Dazz first. It’s where we get all our numbers.

Head of DevOps, pharmaceutical

Dazz gives us a comprehensive view of code development, materially reducing risk and boosting productivity. 

CISO, manufacturing

Today I can ask a developer to fix vulnerabilities manually, but it will never end. Only Dazz serves security and developers.

Sr. Director, Security, technology

Out of all the solutions we’ve been looking into, Dazz is the most significant. We now have significantly fewer alerts.

CISO, pharmaceutical

Our development was high risk with tens of thousands of security alerts. Remediation was impossible. But Dazz resolved them in minutes.

CISO, cloud security, distribution

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