4 Key Takeaways from IDC’s business value paper on Dazz

Julie O’Brien




The Wall Street Journal recently reported that security chiefs are looking for ways to cut costs and run operations more efficiently as economic challenges squeeze budgets. For many security chiefs — who have dozens of vendors handling everything from firewalls to email security — cutting the number of expensive services they use is a key consideration, as well as investing in automated technologies to free up human resources.

One great way to navigate budget pressures, while also improving the efficiency of your security and engineering teams, is using the Dazz Remediation Cloud. Our customers have been telling us this since we began delivering our solution to automate manual remediation processes. Today I’m excited to share the qualitative and quantitative goodness of Dazz with you, as documented by IDC based on interviews with our customers.  

Before I get into four key takeaways of the IDC paper, here’s a bit on how the Dazz platform works to deliver both business and security value. 

Using patent-pending AI, automation, LLM, and data visualization capabilities, Dazz dramatically improves code-to-cloud application security posture management, while also freeing up time for more strategic tasks, such as analyzing your overall security program performance and uncovering where you need to make changes. You can easily see where tools are failing to detect issues and even cull cyber tools that have fallen into disuse or aren’t delivering value. 

If you’ve invested in Cloud Native Application Protection Platforms (CNAPP) solutions such as Wiz and Aqua, Dazz also enables a deep understanding of the artifacts created by engineering teams, deduplicates findings across your multiple security and risk scanners, prioritizes remediation efforts, identifies the person responsible for remediating identified risks, identifies the tools and the pipelines involved in risk remediation, and ultimately speeds the time to fix issues, thereby reducing risk to the business. (Read the Gartner CNAPP Market Guide for more information on Dazz as a CNAPP enabler.)

All of this awesome cloud security remediation technology and capabilities leads to significant time and cost savings—plus productivity gains—as detailed in the new IDC research paper. 

Specifically, customers using the Dazz platform told IDC:

  1. Security team and control effectiveness improves: Dazz’s minimization of duplicate and false-positive alerts, combined with its support for better prioritizing risks, reduces the number of staff members needed to manage the day-to-day security process. “Dazz has enabled me to continue to have a small team and increase the effectiveness of our controls. I don’t have to hire a bunch of people to keep up with things,” one research participant told IDC.
  2. Engineering team efficiency improves: By drastically reducing the number of tickets DevOps receives on a given day, Dazz greatly improves their efficiency as well. IDC calculated that DevOps teams participating in the study spent 28% less time, on average, locating the source of alerts and 38% less time fixing alerts, both as a direct result of using Dazz.
  3. Vulnerability remediation is faster: With Dazz, the right developer more quickly gets information about the root causes of alerts, and can also receive suggestions for how to fix the vulnerabilities. “Dazz cut down on thrash and running in circles to remediate risk,” one participant told IDC. “It has helped us to be more laser focused in addressing problems when they come up.”
  4. Security program efficacy improves throughout the development lifecycle. Organizations participating in IDC’s research estimated that Dazz has improved — by 43% — their ability to find the single cause behind a chain of vulnerabilities and/or the best place to initiate a fix. IDC determined that participants have experienced an average 6% reduction in the occurrence of serious breaches or data loss because they deployed Dazz.

In summary, Dazz increases the value of your CNAPP solutions, improves code-to-cloud application security posture management, and increases the efficiency and productivity of your security and development teams. That’s a win-win-win sure to dazzle your CFO!

Check out the full paper on the business benefits of Dazz here.

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