Dazz is Now Available on Three Cloud Marketplaces

Noah Simon


Head of Product Marketing


With the adoption of cloud services continuing to rise, so too are purchases on cloud marketplaces. Dazz is proud to have been the first Application Security Posture Management (ASPM) and security remediation provider listed on all three major cloud marketplaces: AWS, GCP, and Azure.

Dazz helps customers discover, reduce, and fix security issues across their cloud environments. By connecting to cloud and hybrid infrastructure, security tooling, and development environments, Dazz traces security issues to the root cause — the files and lines of code that introduce security vulnerabilities in cloud infrastructure. Companies that are investing more in AWS, GCP, and Azure infrastructure can leverage Dazz and existing security tooling to secure their infrastructure wherever they are in their cloud journey.

Customers in financial services, medical device manufacturing, and technology have leveraged cloud marketplace offerings to procure and renew Dazz subscriptions.

Why are buyers turning to cloud marketplaces?
  1. Convenience: purchases on cloud marketplaces can streamline the procurement process, allowing organizations to find and deploy software more efficiently.
  2. Cost Efficiency: many marketplaces allow buyers to leverage unused cloud spend towards third-party software purchases, making it easier to find budget for needed, but previously unbudgeted technology solutions.  
  3. Security and Compliance: cloud marketplaces vet software providers and gain assurance that products adhere to security standards and adhere to best security practices.
What’s next?
  1. Deeper integrations: We continue to develop deeper integrations with each major cloud provider, bringing in additional services and native security detections, such as AWS Security Hub
  2. Greater collaboration: with business ramping in each marketplace, we’re investing more in educating security professionals and developers about remediation challenges alongside experts from AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. Stay tuned for more!
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