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We’re building partnerships with the industry’s top cloud, technology, sales, and service partners to help your security and engineering teams massively streamline remediation processes and reduce exposure to hours instead of weeks.

Cloud partners

We were proud to be the first unified remediation platform vendor featured in all three major cloud marketplaces, where it’s fast and easy to procure and renew your Dazz subscription.

Dazz is Now
Available on Three Cloud Marketplaces

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Technology partners

Using Dazz with our technology partners gives you a powerful, simple way to connect your favorite on-premises and cloud security solutions. From Cloud Native Application Protection Platforms (CNAPPs) and DevOps tools to source code management and vulnerability management solutions, Dazz unifies security findings in one place for you to take action and reduce risk.

Dazz connections

Sales and services partners

Together with our sales and service partners, we're transforming remediation across your code, clouds, applications, and infrastructure. Partners enjoy program benefits like incentives, deal registration, training, enablement, marketing support, and more.

Featured sales and service partners

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