Dazzurday Night Fever: A fireside chat with John Travolta on Dazz’s disco theme for RSAC 2024

Jordan McMahon


Corporate Marketing


RSA is around the corner, and you may have seen that Dazz is bringing the funk with a disco-themed presence so you can say “I Will Survive” to any threat, any vulnerability, backlog, endless alerts, and any April Fools joke.

The theme isn’t only catching the eye of cybersecurity enthusiasts; it also caught the eye of John Travolta – the lead character in famed disco classic Saturday Night Fever– and Dazz’s newest advisor on events.

We caught up with Travolta to get his valuable insights on the event in a brief fireside chat.

Jordan: John, thanks so much for taking some time to talk with us.

John: Thanks so much for having me. “Will you just watch the hair?” (Laughs uproariously).

Jordan: Heh – okay yeah – got the Saturday Night Fever reference – thanks. Let me start with this question right off the bat in honor of April Fools’ Day: have you ever been pranked?

John: (Chuckles) Oh Jordan. The entire movie Battlefield Earth was a prank, I think.

Jordan: Are you sure John? Seems that the real prank would have been the reprise of your role in Saturday Night Fever, which one New York Times critic commented was (checks notecards) “a sequel with no understanding of what made its predecessor work.”

John: Heh…yeah…good times...good times…

Jordan: Okaaaaaay then – moving right past that. Let’s get down to the topic at hand. Why is Dazz’s booth—number 1755  - South Expo for those of you readers wondering— the place to be for RSAC this year?

John: Well, I can’t show all the cards now, but I know there’s a lot in store for you at the booth including some of my favorite disco tunes being played nice and loud by an epic DJ. And a prize drawing for Apple AirPods Max headsets if you take a meeting before the event. I can’t guarantee white leisure suits and a dance off…but I won’t NOT guarantee it either.

Jordan: Any thoughts from you on cybersecurity and the market in general?

John: Yes, and I took the liberty of expressing how I feel about that in these lyrics I penned to a disco tune you might just recognize... (Clears throat, hums a few notes of Saturday Night Fever).

Listen to the ground
There are threats all around
There’s remediation going down
And I can feel it.
Then I get Dazz fever, Dazz fever
They know how to do it
Gimme that Dazz fever, Dazz fever
They know how to show it

Jordan: That’s…really something, John. Um, let’s go ahead and conclude. Can you remind everyone reading where they can learn more?

John: You bet I can. Hustle on over to You won’t regret it.

Jordan: Won’t regret it like you regret your role in 1993’s  Look Who’s Talking Now?

John: …no comment.


It’s no (April Fools’) joke that we want to see you at RSAC! Head here to sign up to meet our execs 1:1, get a demo to win an Apple AirPods Max headset, and more.

See Dazz for  yourself.

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