Reduce Remediation Time

The Challenge

Meeting remediation SLAs consistently is no easy feat.

With vulnerability backlogs always growing larger, remediating issues faster requires a paradigm shift. Teams are spending too much time debating and analyzing the root causes of vulnerabilities. When remediation times drag, exposure windows remain open longer, leaving your organization at risk..

Why remediation times remain stagnant today

Siloed vulnerability data

Data is scattered across numerous detection tools, resulting in duplicate, incomplete, and conflicting findings that are fed to engineering and infrastructure teams.

Unclear root cause and ownership

Identifying the origin of application and code-based vulnerabilities is often unclear. Moreover, identifying exactly who needs to fix the vulnerable resource can be a game of telephone.

Lack of automation and orchestration

With disparate systems and many different owners, it’s difficult to get the exact fix to the right owners - all within their current workflow.

Our APproach

Dazz slashes the time it takes to remediate issues, helping customers measurably reduce their mean-time-to-remediate (MTTR) and decrease risk exposure.

Dazz reduces
remediation time by: 

Automatic root cause analysis (RCA)

Dazz saves manual triage hours by automatically correlating alerts together and identifying the origin of vulnerabilities- the systems, artifacts, files, lines of code – and owners associated  with vulnerable resources.

Many findings down to one fix

Dazz can show which security issues all stem from the same shared root cause - a single base image, a terraform file, a virtual machine image misconfiguration, and more. This allows you to prioritize based on the fixes that reduce the most risk with the least amount of effort.

Developer and AI-driven remediation

AI has become a vital tool for remediation. Dazz is using LLMs to suggest fixes, provide actionable remediation guidance, and identify owners for previously unknown resources.

Reduce MTTR by 77%

“Dazz is able to get issues to our developers quickly, identify misconfigurations for direct remediation, and aggregate aspects of development security that were previously fractured and inconsistent. They innovate quickly and collaborate effectively with my team.”

– Director, Information Security

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