Secure CI/CD Pipelines

The Challenge

Securing CI/CD pipelines is complex.

DevOps toolchains are always growing in complexity, and it’s hard to ensure that development pipelines adhere to best practices. Whether it’s source code, hardcoded secrets, or automated provisioning of cloud resources – ensuring that security control coverage and configurations are correct is no easy feat.

Common pipeline security challenges include:

Hardcoded secrets

Passwords, cryptographic keys, API keys, and credentials are frequently embedded directly within source code and can be hard to manage.

Branch protection and build rules

Ensuring code is peer reviewed, signed by committers, and tested is difficult across many repositories.

Shadow deployments

Not all code passes through security-approved pipelines.

Unsanctioned IaC

Not all cloud resources are deployed using the security-approved IaC modules.

Our APproach

Dazz continuously identifies pipeline security gaps and risks that may introduce more pressing risks further in the software development lifecycle (SDLC).

Dazz makes it simple
to identify pipeline security gaps with:

Secret Detection and Validation

Scan secrets for every commit of your repositories, and prioritize live and exploitable secrets of 3rd parties (such as AWS, GCP, Slack, GitHub, etc..) that are stored in your code.

SCM Misconfigurations

Customize alerting for Source Code Management settings and misconfigurations, including access, branch control, and other policies.

IaC Misconfigurations

Identify the IaC modules that introduce the most risk.

Reporting & Health Scoring

Monitor vulnerabilities and misconfigurations across CI/CD pipeline, with healthscores and trending over time.

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