Prioritize Risk

The Challenge

Smart prioritization doesn’t happen in silos.

Many organizations face difficulties trying to standardize their vulnerability prioritization and triage process across applications, cloud resources, and traditional IT on-premise resources. Add on an ever-growing backlog of vulnerabilities that are actively being exploited, and it becomes difficult to know what to fix first.

It’s often hard to know
what to fix first because:

Detections lack business contex

Vulnerability severity is an important reference, but without knowing exactly what application, data, or service is at risk, it’s hard to sell “the why” behind proposed fixes to owners.

Fix impact and efficacy is unclear

Without knowing the root cause of security issues, it’s hard to estimate the effort required to remediate and what those remediation actions will yield.

Multiple teams don’t share the same view

Cloud security, application security, infrastructure, and engineering teams often lack a contextualized, consolidated view which makes it difficult for everyone to understand the impact of any security issue.

Our APproach

Dazz delivers unified security visibility into any security issue, making it easier for everyone to agree on the priority order of fixes and the next steps to remediate.

Dazz makes it simple
to prioritize risk with:

prioritization logic

Use hundreds of filters to sort by severity, exploit status, resource type, detection tool, business impact, and more.

Out of the box prioritization

Dazz delivers out of the box priority views, including a list of the security issues sorted shared root cause and fix impact


Understand the full picture behind any security issue, including where it originates, what’s impacted downstream, and whether or not it’s actively being exploited

Reduce noise by  92%

“Dazz helped us get visibility over all our pipelines,
reduce alert noise, and re-imagine our ticketing process. The result is massively streamlined remediation that saves us time and reduces risk. We couldn’t be happier.”

– Director, Information Security

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