Empower developers to build more secure pipelines by monitoring, fixing, and reporting security risks on their own terms.

Secure your
CI/CD pipelines

source code

Monitor source code management environments to fix misconfigurations and prevent leaks and abuse.

Monitor exploitable secrets over time

Report on the rate of detected vs fixed secrets in code to inform security awareness and DevSecOps initiatives.

Program custom logic into your CI/CD

Define security conditions to be met in order for commits to be pushed through the CI/CD process.

Developer and
AI-led remediation

Reduce the noise of
several detection tools

Reference one high-fidelity finding with the root cause identified. Forget the days of investigating the same problem from different detection tools.

Automate contextualized and actionable tickets

Automate tickets to be assigned to specific owners based on custom logic and monitor ticket status against SLAs.


Integrate AI-suggested fixes and remediation guidance into your commits, ticketing, and workflows.

Fix once at the source

Prevent issue

Fix issues straight at the source to prevent duplicative work and wasted time from infrastructure and engineering teams.

Track fix status
vs SLA

Track the status of any fix against custom- defined SLAs set for specific apps, risk types, and more.

Track security
trends at large

Understand which stages of the SDLC introduce the most security risks and identify recurring issues that share the same root cause


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