Application Security
Posture Management

Unify and fix security issues across all of your native apps -no matter how they’re built and deployed.

Manage and reduce
your application risks

Unify security findings

Centralize CVEs, CWEs, and findings from SCA, SAST, DAST tools, as well as CNAPP tools.

Breakdown data silos

Deliver a single view of risk into any app for your entire security and engineering teams with preconfigured and custom dashboards.

Prioritize risk

Reference hundreds of data points to surface the risks that need to be addressed first to protect your organization from an incident.

Secure your CI/CD pipelines

Find and fix exploitable secrets

Easily scan secrets from every commit of your repositories with validation checks to see what’s easily exploitable.

Protect source code

Monitor source code management settings and misconfigurations to prevent leaks and abuse.

Identify Infrastructure as Code (IaC) Risks

Track un-approved, deprecated, or third party modules that are being used to create cloud resources.

Fix once at the source

Automate triage and root cause

Trace security issues and vulnerabilities to their point of origin — down to the specific repo and known code committers.

Prevent issue

Fix issues straight at the source in order to prevent duplicative work and wasted time from infrastructure and engineering teams.

Automate contextualized and actionable tickets

Automate tickets to be assigned to specific owners based on custom logic and monitor ticket status against SLAs.


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