Continuous Threat
Exposure Management

Streamline vulnerability prioritization and mobilization across your code, cloud, apps, and on-premise IT infrastructure.

Discover and prioritize
all vulnerabilities

Unify vulnerabilities and findings

Aggregate and deduplicate vulnerabilities detected from AppSec Tests, Vulnerability Scanners, Cloud Security tools, endpoint security tools, custom pen-tests, and more.

Prioritize by exploitability

Reference hundreds of data points, including exploitability and threat intelligence to surface the risks that need to be addressed first.

Prioritize by fix impact

Understand which vulnerabilities stem from the same shared issue to prioritize remediation efforts by fix impact and effort required.

Mobilize and organize
remediation efforts

Automate triage
and root cause

Trace security issues and vulnerabilities to their point of origin, drastically reducing vulnerability triage time.

Prevent issue

Fix issues straight at the source in order to prevent duplicative work and wasted time from helpdesk, infrastructure, and engineering teams.

Automate contextualized and actionable tickets

Automate and track tickets in Dazz or 3rd party platforms for specific owners based on custom logic.

Measure CTEM efforts

Report on exposure
over time

Visualize threat exposure data over time across all tools, technologies, and teams.

response times

Understand remediation and SLA status by any business unit, detection tool, specific CVE, and more to get precise mean-time-to-remediate (MTTR) measurements.

response time

Mobilize and form remediation plans to solve zero-day vulnerabilities such as Log4Shell as soon as they are discovered. When alerts pour in from security tools, Dazz reduces the flood down to a small number of critical root causes.


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