Don’t just find it.
Fix it.

Plenty of solutions detect security issues, but we prioritize critical issues automatically, offering fixes at the root cause.

Alert overload, chasing down owners, increased executive and regulatory scrutiny, an ever-growing attack surface, manual work, faster cyber attacks… a multitude of challenges face security teams today, making effective remediation a time-consuming nightmare.

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With data fragmented across multiple environments, technologies, and detection tools, today's manual processes for prioritizing and fixing vulnerabilities are too complex and slow to keep pace. Why not fix security issues at the root—wherever they originate—across code, apps, cloud, and infrastructure, and level up your remediation operations? 

You can #getyourfix with Dazz!

How it works


Using read-only API connections, the Dazz platform uniquely connects your cloud 
and development environments to your security stack for automated root cause analysis and vulnerability prioritization.


Dazz’s Root Cause Analysis engine correlates vulnerabilities found in cloud resources all the way back to originating code, enabling you to remediate vulnerabilities at the source. Root Causes that introduce the most critical risks are automatically highlighted, helping you instantly focus remediation efforts.


Easily assign tickets to the associated developer of 
any code vulnerability or misconfigurations to remediate issues. Tickets are contextualized with the root cause of the actual lines of code or configurations that introduce security findings for more efficient remediation, and be tracked in Dazz for SLA reporting.

The Dazz Unified Remediation Platform accelerates remediation by connecting the dots across your code, artifacts, deployments, cloud environments, and security tools to discover, reduce, and fix critical issues at root causes.

Navigating prioritization and remediation

Listen in as we discuss common cloud vulnerability prioritization, triage, and remediation challenges and how the Dazz Remediation Cloud helps customers overcome them.

The benefits speak for themselves

Customers love Dazz because we accelerate mean time to remediation, cut alert noise, improve collaboration between security and dev teams, and reduce risk.

Reduction of mean-time-to remediation

Reduction of total issues to root causes

Risk window reduced from weeks to days

"Fixing issues at the speed of the business while cutting through the noise"

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  2. Automate how you discover, reduce, and fix security issues
  3. Correlate data and unify visibility across code, clouds, apps and infrastructure
  4. Prioritize what to fix first based on business risk
  5. Automatically analyze root causes and find owners for fixes
  6. Discover and fix secrets in production
  7. Build custom reports for everyone from engineering to board members