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We’re on a mission to simplify and automate the remediation process for security and engineering teams—and we want to tell you all about it.

Swing by our booth to see with your own eyes what unified remediation can do for you. Our team of pros will be standing by to talk shop on application security posture management (ASPM), shrinking your risk window from weeks to hours, improving DevSecOps practices, and accelerating remediation across your code-to-cloud environment.

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Meet the Dazz executive team

This is your chance to book 1:1 time with the people who eat, sleep, and breathe unified remediation! Make sure you’re not just “stayin’ alive,” but thriving in your security practice with advice tailored to you and your business from industry pioneers who know the space best.

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Win an AirPods Max headset

Finding security issues but having trouble actually fixing them—starting with the ones that matter most? We’re all ears, and here to help! Get a demo of our Unified Remediation Platform and be entered to win an AirPods Max headset!

Here's what Dazz does

Dazz built the industry’s best remediation platform for security and engineering teams to eliminate exposure across code, clouds, infrastructure, and applications in hours instead of weeks. During Log4J, Blackstone relied on Dazz to reduce 3,200 alerts down to 13 tickets, eliminating their risk exposure in four days. Customers rely on Dazz as a critical solution for their ASPM, CTEM, and DevSecOps initiatives.

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