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A meteor shower? A gourmet meal? A virtuoso pianist? Or perhaps an innovative new way to work? At Dazz, we're reimagining vulnerability and exposure management and transforming how security and development teams collaborate to protect their organizations. Our customers think that's dazzling. We think they are too!

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Unified remediation for your code, clouds,
apps & infrastructure.

Increased executive and regulatory scrutiny, an ever-growing attack surface, and faster cyber attacks are all making remediation a pressing security issue. Yet with data fragmented across multiple environments, technologies, and detection tools, today's manual processes for prioritizing and fixing vulnerabilities are too complex and slow to keep pace. Why not fix security issues wherever they originate—across code, apps, cloud, and infrastructure—and level-up your remediation operations? You can, with Dazz!

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Smiling security teams.
Delighted developers.

Security teams depend on code owners to fix security issues, but developers have their own sprint deadlines. With fragmented information across disparate teams and tools, it’s hard to know what to fix first, and why. Developers can feel like problems are thrown "over the fence," and it's easy for communication to break down between teams. Dazz puts developers in the driver’s seat to remediate issues quickly, once and for all - on their terms. That dazzles everyone!

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Zero shadow pipelines.
Zero secrets in code.

Well-known data breaches in the last several years have originated from exposed secrets, so it’s no wonder that secret scanning has become imperative for DevSecOps teams. What if there was a better way to pinpoint which secrets were inadvertently exposed to the public, which resources are impacted, and who can fix them the fastest? With Dazz you can continuously monitor for hardcoded secrets and pipeline security gaps, plus align CI/CD processes with security best practices.

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"Dazz has everything we need to automate our remediation process. It’s simple, dev-friendly, and scalable to an environment as complex as ours.”

Less manual work.
More AI and automation.

The right AI and automation remediation solutions are force multipliers for resource constrained security teams. By offloading inefficient manual tasks, you can discover, prioritize, and fix the issues that matter most - lightning fast - with the same-sized team. Stop wasting time chasing false positives and duplicate issues. Start spending time on what dazzles your leadership team - top notch exposure management.

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1,000 alerts >
10 that really matter.

Analyzing security issues is a slow, manual process. It takes precious hours to determine severities and figure out fixes. In modern, fast-moving development environments, finding root causes is even more complicated. Enter Dazz, and our patented root cause analysis engine. We automatically analyze every issue, identify shared root causes, and provide context to distill countless alerts down to the fixes that reduce the most risk.

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44% less time chasing
issues and owners.

Everyone loves a good treasure hunt - but when it comes to solving issues in your environment, a lengthy hunt is exactly what you don’t want. What was unknown today becomes a fire drill tomorrow.  Dazz cuts down on the thrash and running in circles to remediate risk, enabling teams to quickly detect problems so that the right people can solve and close them out—ASAP.

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Fix everything from code to cloud -
with fewer tickets.

Whether or not you’re the Bob Villa of your own house, you can be in your cybersecurity job. Dazz connects security tools and pipelines, correlates insights from code to cloud, and shrinks alert backlog into root causes, so your team can remediate smarter and faster (without drowning in tickets!). Get out your virtual hammer and get the job done fast with less noise.

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Connect any tool.
Ask any question. Fix any risk.

Who doesn’t love plug and play? Using read-only APIs, Dazz seamlessly connects code, artifacts, deployments, and cloud environments with security tools for instant performance data. And better yet, we offer custom dashboards so users can quickly surface insights to management or other business stakeholders on everything from what percentage of the environment is affected by critical vulnerabilities to where in the SDLC vulnerabilities are found to where risks might be lurking.

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